Dive Deep Dive | Tantric Sex Education for Women

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Diva Deep Dive | Your Ticket To Full Body Orgasm Anytime!

80% of American Women Do Not Orgasm During Intercourse.

Don't let this be you.... Dive in here to become FULLY Orgasmic!

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Six (6) Lectures with Homework -- Six (6) Tantra Demonstrations with Guided Activations!

Facilitator: Kenya K Stevens, CEO | PLA

Orgasm is the body in a state of homeostasis - this means all cellular activity, during the moment of bliss, align and there is no illness present in the body! Orgasm is a healthy and luminous display of power, vitality and spirituality! If you are a woman who struggles to reach orgasm, and especially multiorgasic states, female ejaculation and overall comfort through the sensual act, this course is for you!

Diva Deep Dive is a course to heal, cleanse, learn and unlearn! The ill beliefs that have caused women to shut off sexual gratification are many. We will tackle each one plus see LIVE demonstrations of new techniques - a step-by-step path to becoming fully orgasmic - even beyond the clitoral orgasm.

Five Reasons women shut down sexually:

  1. Being stuck in the mind
  2. Unable to release control
  3. Holding shame or guilt around sex
  4. Not trusting the masculine to hold her energy
  5. Holding on to unhealed sexual trauma
  6. Self critical thinking - body image concerns, ect...

Expect to leave the six week course with a full grasp on where your deeper more expansive orgasm is hiding, how to bring your orgasm out of hiding, how to become multiorgasmic, and how to truly enjoy sex with any of the partners you might choose (male or female) and create a pleasurable practice for your own self-care.

Orgasm and sensuality healed me of anxiety and depression. I believe increased connection to sexuality can heal any woman of just about any ailment. But first, one has to take the journey home to natural, powerful, emotive and deep sensuality. This course is designed to be such a journey. Welcome!


Devotee Sex Magic 💙💙

  • Become pregnant with your dreams using sex
  • How to use trance during sex
  • How to release control during sex
  • How to open the mind to dreaming and magic
  • How to deeply nurture and replenish your sex partner
  • How to surrender to the act of sensual bliss
  • How to use the pussy as a healing elixir for self and others
  • Opening to Female Ejaculation

Conservationist Sexual Power 🖤🖤

  • Clear the energy of past loves
  • Clear trauma from the sexual past
  • Remove fear and love deeply again
  • Remove negative thoughts around sex and love from youth
  • Clear your home, and environment from negative energy
  • Release fear of STDs
  • Remedies to clear your pussy after sex and heal/prevent any STD.

LOVER Pleasure Healing 💚💚

  • Find the primary four emotional orgasms and many more
  • Experience full body orgasm
  • The importance of your sex sounds/vibration.
  • Encourage any man into being a tantric lover.
  • Female ejaculation and how to bring them on.
  • How to use the penis as a magic wand.
  • Opening to chakra Orgasm

VISIONARY Trusting and Opening 💛💛

  • Trusting your lover to please you.
  • Trusting all men to serve you.
  • Feeling your way to your power
  • Embracing emotion and synthesizing reality
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Kenya K. Stevens
Kenya K. Stevens

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts January 15, 2019 and never ends! You will obtain lifetime access to the content! You can attend the LIVE classes and then of course watch them over again later!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 5 days of kick off and we will discuss a refund or exchange.

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